Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh, the horror

Well the party down stairs still keeps going... I'm the mother of all evil and crazy crap that you can imagine coming out of a lady tube...


So yesterday was a rest day, today looks to be like a semi rest, half "super size your carbs", love your body and MAKE SOMETHING NEW day :)

my nails are growing back... they might just make it to the show :)
I made us a new cover for the seat in the small changing room :)
The room where we leave our shoes... that small room after the front door... ääh, I don't remember what it's called.

I had maybe 10-12 % of energy left last night to even think about the show on Sunday. I'm even just calling it a show instead of a competition. BUT...
Today I jumped up to about 60%! And I'm sure that when Thursday comes along I'll be up to 80-90%!! :D

I feel fine mentally, it's just these female organs that really cramp me into a ball and take all my energy right now. I'm sure that all the work outs (very light) I'm getting done and all the streching and proper eating WILL be good enough for my body to eat up all those carbs and put them back in their places :) I just wish I'd be better already. I still look and feel like a beach ball every now and then... 

About the horror part. I had a dream. I kept the music on all night 'cause I'm home alone now and it helps to sleep (we don't have much traffic here so it's hard to sleep in the silence). I saw this dream where I walked around, here in this house... I went to the shower room to check on the laundry (to dry or not to dry, that is the question) and I saw MYSELF in the sauna!!! I had all my competition make up on, but it was running down my face, my hair was soaking wet with sweat and my tan was all dirty and sweaty. I was doing one legged lunges with 10kg kettlebells in my hands.... spooky! I woke up and was NOT happy to be home alone and constipated. The freeky ambient music didn't help either.

BRRRRRR.....crazy feeling to see yourself in a dream. I wasn't sure if I should talk to myself. I see myself every now and then but Usually we walk by each other in a big city or a store or some other public place. But this time... grrr iiiiik, I was at my house!!

I'm sleeping in the car tonight ;)

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