Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The importance of independence

Doing everything "on my own" by following Kris Gethin's program has been an great journey so far. I'm feeling the same kind of pride in my life choices that I felt when I worked with a real coach. The last sets in my workouts are not empty, they have just as much meaning in them as do sets where I have a PT or a friend to help me out.

The difference is that I don't speak with my coach or get any feedback about my accomplishments. On the downside I am not getting help if stuff is slowly going wrong. I have to keep an eye on myself and fix things as they happen. I do not yet have the ability to prevent all mistakes or estimate when I might need a "big feed day".
My main goals right now are to check my calories and to push them as high as I possibly can. I have 2 rest days now so it's more than just important to eat clean and keep flexible  :)

...so what am I doing Right now? ...hanging around with baba. Thinking about the uncooked chicken in the fridge and wondering if my head will crack if I have 2 more cups of coffee.
What I should be doing (and will do now that baba fell asleep): cook the chicken, drink a litre of water, clean the kitchen and fold the laundry. Then eat my lunch, clean the toilets and prep the living room for some crawling time with baby.

I will get a PT when I start my last leg of this (current) project.
But who ever he or she might be, I want him/her to see what can be done without "real help" ;)

Then when we start working together to make me even better, we don't have to be gentle in any way ;)

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