Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keep hitting 'til it's dead

My job was to watch videogames and other movies/demos and to choose if they work for children. I basically just sat on a sofa in an old carpet factory and watched TV. The tv was placed on a dusty pool table that had lost it's legs. I was on the fifth floor and the windows over looked an endless ocean of sand.

Phhhh...what windows. Most of them were smashed or missing.
The lifts were old animal cages from the near by zoo. My sofa was light green in color and it had beige patches where the rats had eaten through. ..
Most of the games were your basic adventure games: jump shoot attack jump kill jump fly jump hang glide pick up use jump look good while jumping...
I wasn't allowed to play. I just watched. The games/movies changed and I just sat there. In the middle of an empty sand planet.
Maybe I would get lucky and the building would set on fire?

I woke up.
Gotta eat something. It was 0100.

We were stuck in a wooden mansion. The sauna was on and it felt like every room had 3 exits but none of them ever led anywhere.
Somebody said that there was a tiger loose in the building.
I kept close to the other people even though I did not trust any of them.
Who the hell are they anyway??
... Once more I tried to find my way out but I kept finding myself in the sauna section. Aaargh. I hate this!

Where hell is that tiger? I closed every door behind me and made sure to check my weapons before I open the next one...  one of the girls had passed out. She lay on the floor and she wasn't breathing.
"Oh no!" I heard someone scream.
Hmmm... She wasn't bleeding.
A blond girl ran to me and we both shook the brunette on the floor. "Please don't be dead?!" (Blondie must have known her? Maybe they were friends?)
Darkie moved a bit and we both hugged her there on the floor.
Ohh.. She's alive :)

Blondie held my arm sofly as the brunette started kissing me.
Boy, they sure are friendly in these horror dreams?
I felt her tongue in my cheek.
"Get off, bitxh!"
She grabbed me and tried to bite my arm. Her arms and legs moved in all directions. Her body did not function like a human. She had turned into a zombie-moron!?

OMG. She had a brain defect! She had been without oxygen for too long!

"Keep hitting her! Hit her with your knives!!" The other girl screamed and kicked the zombie in the stomach. 

I didn't fully understand why but I guessed it was ok to kill her dead 'cause she was now less useful for the rest of the group? :/

Kill her dead.
But aren't zombies already dead?

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