Monday, November 30, 2015

What if. ..

What if the weather weren't shit and I actually lived in a WARM country. ..
What if my job would leave me with more time to myself and to my hobbies. ..
What if I felt like I was in control instead of just sitting on a bus and waiting for the end stop...
What if I decided to make myself happy and others around me...

What if I just keep chasing my dreams and no matter how scary it gets and no matter how long it takes I Will Make It.

Then what?
...I have reached my goals and made my mark.
So what?
...I'll feel good and find new ways to fulfill my life with joy.
Who cares? one needs to give a fuck. It's all about Me. Even when I stumble and fall flat on my face... it's all for me.
I don't need people around me to keep cheering me on day after day. I don't need constant reminders about looking good or doing well.
Those things make me feel "sick".
Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate a remark here and there when I'm really struggling with my life or just finished a big job or whatever. I just don't need the empty words that are shouted at every god damn sofa pillow or candle arrangement that I've thrown together.

Words wear out. Silence with the right kind of smile is golden ;)

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