Sunday, November 15, 2015


It's a sick (news) world out there.
I feel that I cannot help in any big way so I'm going to cool off for a while. I'm going to forget about watching the news for two days and just let the experts do the work.

My 9 weeks with Markus Heinänen are almost over and it's time to look at the results. It's time to learn. :) :)
My main hobby, bodybuilding, has reached another goal.

It's time to set the (next) BIG goal in bodybuilding and to go at it with all I got. (Actually I set it two weeks ago)
Reaching that goal will be an adventure! ;)
It won't be easy, I know it will be a struggle every now and then but I know myself better now. Every year I get better and every workout is different.

I won't set a date (a competition) or prep for a photo shoot. I'm setting a goal weight and a goal physique. I'll give myself a rhythm and I'll keep taking progress pictures.
5 gym nights per week is too often for me (I start to burn out around week 6) so I'll cut it down to 4 x week. If that too is too much I'll just cut it down to 3 x week and add more food.

Small steps lead to big results.

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