Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Something Dana asked me

"What are You doing here?"

I was at their gym. The Warhouse Gym.
She saw me on one of the cardio machines and came over... all pumped up and sweaty (Dana, not me). She looked surprised.

I was too early. I guess she knew I was supposed to come and train there this week but for some reason she wanted me to wait...

"Just don't go to the cellar. It's not ready. We're still working on it. I'm sorry about that..."

"No. No worries." I replied.
She walked back to her weights and continued with her shoulder workout.
Rob was in his office... I heard him shout on the phone. (Happily)


I had this dream 4 nights ago. I still wonder about it. What was my mind trying to tell me? Or was it a reflection of the future?

What we want the most (and what we work for the most) -> that is what we get in life.
I want to meet Rob Bailey and work with him. On a Big project.
I don't want to work For him but With him.
There's a BIG difference!!! ;) :D

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