Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Soldier mode

One more weekend and my "4 weeks of hell" is ON!
I'm not going with the first idea. It had 6 workouts in a week. I'm actually testing a 2 workouts per week program  :)

There is more time to recover.
There's also a lot of time to eat... that's where the gains are.

First I kill myself at the gym and then I fill up the holes in my muscles with clean eating... rest for a day or two or three and do it all over again.

Kiddo will not notice much.
Mummy just keeps eating like it was her job ;)

I hope the weather stays clear and summer comes soon... I hope I make it.

I hope kiddo learns to walk ;)
He's so close! He has also figured out how to force little wooden blocks into the box with the different holes on it :)
And he tries to talk every day. I'm not picking up any specific "words" yet but he makes a lot of different sounds and sometimes they are the same "scream" in the same situations. Usually my answer is:"honey-bunny, please stop banging on the window/door/machine/my face..."

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