Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can I trust...

I'm having issues with my workouts and diet.
I'm (hardly) gaining body weight but I can move 20-30% more weight around in one set...

My biggest issue is with my body weight and composition. I know I don't look fat nor am I even close to a fatty anyhow. .....but...... I was hoping to pile on the pounds by now. I'm sticking with the program and I've lost a ton of worries and stress last week so I should feel free as a bird. A fxcking flamingo! ......but...... I'm still not getting bigger??

Or am I? ....
I bought a pair of pants today (on sale).
They are Large. Not Small, not even Medium. LARGE. And they fxcking fit like a glove!

So.... my issues.... bull shit ;)

I need food and I need a sauna night :)

Wau. What a crappy picture of my new good pants.

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