Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tattoo shop from Hell

Last night wasn't the best night for me. I was invited to see a wrestling match and to check out the new local gym that was the size of a big school and it actually had several different gyms inside it :)
Something for everyone!

Well, they also had a tattoo shop in the back. I was told it was only a tour around "the palace" but some one locked the doors and I was stuck in the tattoo shop... I didn't panic, I've been stuck in worse places and since I had time to kill I looked around.

All the wall papers were hand painted, the chairs and tables looked old and sturdy and the tattoo chairs were also very old but clean and well kept. The windowsills had hand made jewelry on them and all over the room there were big drawing papers with different tattoo designs drawn on them. Crayons and pencils were kept in huge glass jars and paintbrushes and paint were also left over from the wall decorations...  

A tall, thin man came in.
Man:"You shall see the Master in a moment."
Man:"The master will make your tattoos better."
Me:"..." In my mind I got worried. What master? He's not touching me! Where am I?

The master came in...
(Just so you get an idea of what he looked like and how he sounds: mix together Howard Stern and Ozzy Osbourne.)
Master:"Look around, like the place. Enjoy you life while you have it..."
Master:"Here, look at this old chair. It's just a chair but we can not have this room ready with out it... and looke here. These paints we have, we can not paint with out them. All the small thing make up the usefulness of this room."

He walked over to the tattoo chair and put a pillow on it.
Master:"Please, sit. Get a feel for it."
Me:"No thank you, I'm fine."
Master:"Never mind, you'll want it later."

The doors opened, I was allowed to leave. I took a last look at the pretty jewelry over by the windows and wondered if they were for sale. I walked out.

It was sunny out side.

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