Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fat dudes and dark alleys

Headaches = bad dreams

Last night I was watching this ½ gay, ½ strong man -type wrestling match. First my seat was right by the ring side but soon I was moved into the ring so that I could dubble as a judge :P

The guys were BIG, bald, really hairy in the wrong places and sweating like they had and ocean under their arms... yäk.
I kept watching, layed flat on the boxing rings surface and kept calling out points. I noticed that the guys resembled each other. In fact I was sure they were twins, the otherone was about 50kg heavier then his brother but ... yes... they were brothers.
Only one name was posted on the big screen above us. "Are they both called *****?" I asked someone who was sitting by the ring. No answer.  
I looked at the crowd of people sitting around us and shivered. ½ Zombies, everyone... Mouths open and hands hanging by their sides. Empty eyes looking at us, seeing nothing.
"Are they dead?" I asked the wrestlers quietly...
"Just don't look at them. They do nothing as long as we keep this up."

Rest of the night I ran around in dark alleys and tried to find a good fist fight. Not alot of fight clubs in my head I guess.
But I do get run over by trams every now and then. Usually in Ruoholahti for some reason... ?

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