Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1 + 2 = 2,8

Last night I took part in an exam. Two exams were held at that same place. Some kind of an old library. A big round room with a balcony that went around the whole room and all the seats were pointed at a marble desk with a small reading lamp and a pile of ancient handmade books and papyrus scrolls.
I was there to get in to an art school but I was given the papers to get in to a geology-history school. I had some old maps and books and science crap with me but the guy behind me laughed and told me that I need the books from 1000 years ago go and the maps from the future (year 2310) to finish the exam with honor… I put my hand up to get the other exam papers.

I got new papers in front of me and started reading: "40 humans have entered the building to get in to the geology-history school, 20 will be picked after the tests. 200 humans have entered the building to get in to the art school. 40 will make it to the tests and 2 will be picked." WTF? What happens if you're not picked? Do you stop being a human? What is wrong with these people (the ones holding the exams)?

I looked around and all I saw were different people of different races hunched over their test papers and flipping through their maps and books. The guy behind me was looking at some old Yugoslavian maps and searching through star maps for another possible outcome for the old Yugoslavian wars in the 90's. Maybe I should have just gone with the first set of papers…
On my set all they asked about were ALL the years when something had happened somewhere for some reason in art history. I'm not good with years… or with time in general.

If you asked me to meet you somewhere at 6, I'll probably be close to the place around 5 and start my "just hanging around" routine and checking the exits and toilets around 5.30. I'm not good with weights either… I mean that if I gained 7 kilos (I weigh 55kg now) I would weigh about … hmmm… 5+7… 61,8kg ;)
The difficulty in getting a whole number (or an integer) is that I can't stop thinking about the thing that inside 55kgs and 7kgs is "another" kilo! 55,0 - 55,9 and 7,0 - 7,9. See it? So when it comes to time and something other than cooking with measures… I'm hopeless.

BTW. Even in cooking I cut corners and spill stuff and drop things and basically just forget about things. I've even pounded the sugar into a bun batter after it had been sitting and growing for 20 minutes. I didn't get it all in but the finished product was a mixture of sweet buns and salty rolls… I told everyone that it was a French recipe.

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