Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Daniel Craig and a bag of blood

I've been seeing dreams about food and blood transfers...
 I finally got my hands on some blood pancakes :) IRL
I guess I had too many 'cause my tummy got all big again and boy does it hurt when I'm full of bad gas and shit :( I think all that dark bread eventually killed the last of my healthy biomass and I just slept like an angry warthog last night...

I slept from about 19:30 to 06:30. Not around the clock but close... Tummy was better but a long fasting like that sure didn't help my body to recover from last weekend :/ Since I slept so long I couldn't cook up any chicken for today so today I had spinach pancakes :)
I kept my hands off the dark bread and I'm feeling fine :D God damn IBS :(

I better keep an eye on my diet. I'm made of very gentle organs... pink little f*uckers that make my life so amazing and painful ;)

 Oh, about Mr. Craig. In my dream we were sleeping in the same bed. I woke up and saw that we had tubes up our arms... "what's going on?" I asked. He didn't speak. Passed out I guess... Blood was pumped out of our bodies into small bags. He woke up and we got up. Someone came over and pulled the needles out. Then we were given our blood back in small bags with our names on them. The "nurse" spoke to Daniel: "I bet you don't know what's been going on while you slept." I looked at the "nurse" with disgust and said: "Don't talk to James Bond like that. You don't know shit about what he knows or feels. He knows everything!" My little bag of blood said: "use for your next food"

I need to watch a Bond movie... I just feel it ;)

 I'm seeing my PT today. I'll make a "show memories" posting later after I've talked with him :)

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