Sunday, September 15, 2013

Talking to myself

Bad me and Good me had a conversation.

B: Why don't you just quit this game and start eating what ever you want?
G: I have a plan with my PT.
B: Drop him. You don't need him anymore. You know how this works and you can always get back on track if you start getting fat.
G: Me and my PT have an agreement and a plan. I'm not quitting just to "make things easy for myself". It doesn't work that way.
B: Everyone does it. You've seen them. It's no biggie...
G: Stop pushing and stop messing with my head. I don't want to think about people who push shit down their holes and think it's no biggie. The body needs TIME to recover from the weeks it's lived through. You can't recover in a month with fast food and soft drinks.
B: Fast food is good, soft drinks are good. It's all in the mind. Your MIND needs to feed too...
G: My mind is fine. It doesn't need white sugar to feel good or a constant flow of crap to get stronger.

B: You could just take one little weekend off, fill your body and mind and get it out of your system... and Then get back on that "horse" you love so much?  
G: Listen you... I don't need to get anything out of my system 'cause I've never put it in there. I've never told myself that I'll pork out like an idiot after the shows or even dreamed about it. I'm doing this my way so SHUT UP!
B: OK, ok... I'll shut up. But you know I'll never stop quiestioning the goals you set in life or the choises you make. You'll always have to answer to me... and you'll have to win ;)  

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