Tuesday, December 19, 2017

You only have to make two decisions in 2017… read on


Calendar years come and go. There is no Magic in the changing of the years unless you put it there for Yourself. The same goes for your physical age and the amount of times you have circled the Sun… Your life is always happening FOR YOU. And you are the only one living Your life. Realize that and feel the power of those words.
I know that sometimes life shows you contrast on TV or something bad and sad happens to you or a close friend/family member. That contrast is necessary in order for you to know what is wanted and what is unwanted. Every problem has a solution to it. Some have more than one and that is the wonderful side of creation in our lives. Whether the doors in your life are closing or opening is not a punishment in your life for doing things wrong or doing things too slowly. I want you to realize that the door (you believe you missed) had to have first been open before it could close… other wise I would just be talking about walls or open doors here.
I’m not saying that bad things have to happen to you in order for you to have a more fulfilling life. What I am saying is that when life throws you off the side (often you were asking for it anyway) and you find yourself swimming to shore, and the sharks are circling around you… You need to focus on the POSITIVE SIDES of the conditions if you can not already laugh it off by being totally unconditional about it!
Most of the time when you make decisions (or choose your thoughts regarding something important) you use them like any random thoughts about the future. Dreams and hopes about being happier when “whatever it is that you want“ comes to you. You basically promise to be good AFTER you get the candy.
There is no reality other than which is perceived (You create Your reality). When you choose thoughts AND feelings that reflect the world as you wish it to be (for you) you WILL see it. You will be/do/have that thing you so clearly desire. But if you wait for the world to first change and THEN promise to have the good thoughts and the nice feelings to enjoy it, then you are doing it the wrong way!
So what I want to say to you is...
There are only two decisions that I believe you need to make in order to make 2017 extremely enjoyable and abundant. You can make more inspired decisions and write them down if you want to. Or drop the other one off if you are not feeling it… do whatever you FEEL is the best choice for you, and keep doing it every day from now on:
I CAN always choose a better feeling thought in any and every moment of my life. By choosing the better feeling thought I choose to follow my inner being and I let my Emotions guide me because I believe that that is the path of least resistance. By staying on the path of least resistance I also choose to allow all the good to flow to me and through me.
My power is in the NOW, in this moment. I can think about the past and I can think about the future but I am doing those things NOW, in the same conscious moment that I share with everyone else on this planet. So in this moment, where my strongest power lives, I choose the better feeling thought to really milk this good feeling moment... or to move the feelings of this moment to a better feeling direction, and then - as I am there - I can choose another better feeling thought and another better feeling thought and another...
By living unconditionally and loving unconditionally you will reach JOY and HAPPINESS and you will feel FREEDOM and GROWTH in your everyday life. Personally, I prefer amplifying this FEELING OF JOY by retreating to meditation twice a day. I encourage you to do the same and to really focus on quieting your thoughts for a few minutes every day. The results from clearing your mind are astonishing! You MUST live it to believe it, and as you start to use meditation or just deep breathing in a quiet room you WILL never want to quit this new habit. :)
As you start your 2017 in “the better feeling thoughts” -mode you will find yourself attracted to new books, blogs, places, happenings and people. You will find your new, more positive way of life expanding outside of your body and your connections with other people (who are like you) will become stronger and the connections to negative people will either wither or die.
I promise you that by choosing the better feeling thoughts in every moment of your life you WILL notice that the things you have wanted for a very long time are now getting closer and closer, and that you did not have to DO anything to get them. You simply felt good already and the good you have been asking for is now coming to you.
Try it out and see for yourself. There is NO HARM in feeling good. :)

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