Tuesday, December 19, 2017


So being, you never get it wrong since you'll never be finished... how wonderful is it to know that! I felt a huge relief when I realized that I'll never get it done NOR will I ever get it wrong since I'm never DONE anyhow. 🙂
What I coach to people (the HOW of it) is about being detached enough from the "problem" that you are trying to solve or overcome. Every time life gives you a reason to feel "I don't want this" or "I wish this wasn't so" you know exactly what you do not want and so being you also know exactly what you DO WANT (the solution).

As a coach, I can step back from the problem and not be engulfed in it. This is what I teach. That is how you will learn to "see glimpses" of the tangible solutions that you already have in your hands. You will learn to solve every problem you are focused upon and notice that you will stop finding and focusing on problems as much as you used to. Your life will become MUCH richer with JOY and good feelings. You will soon reach a new kind of freedom from unnecessary bondage, freedom from "what other people might think of you", freedom from "resisting happiness".
My main goal in coaching is to teach you the simple principles of HOW to be a "receiving station" to all the solutions you ever dreamed of. Basically, I will teach you to find the answers you seek within yourself. I will show you how everything is about walking on the EMOTIONAL path. This will not be hard for you since you are already an emotional being with a physical body, and as always, already on the path.

Everything I teach is about helping you reach high-quality emotional control over your life and I KNOW you can DO IT!

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