Tuesday, December 19, 2017

GET OVER IT! - How to improve Your Life

Thinking like a hungry actor
This is something that I have found in numerous places around the internet: Think like you were starting out in acting, you've finished your schools and now it's time to get work and NOW it gets hard...
Here are some of the action steps and facts you need to keep in mind:
  1. You are perfect and special and GOOD ENOUGH as you are. You do not owe the world (or anyone else) anything. Just like THEY DO NOT owe YOU anything. You may have gone to the best of schools or the worst of schools or something in the middle but that doesn't give you OR ANYONE ELSE the right to cut in line. THERE IS NO LINE! Just to mess with your mind a bit you are the only one in your niche, you are the only person in the car and you are the only fisher on the ice...
  2. You are in control of your mind. Every moment, every thought. Make 'em count! You must keep growing and the simple way to accept this is to think about every outcome as a result or feedback BUT NEVER the END or JUDGEMENT. You are here to enjoy your life so you should not make it worse by living a mediocre life.
  3. Believe in yourself but most of all KNOW THYSELF! The world will keep rotating and you will get older but no one is going to hold your hand and waste their life while you wait for your life to start happening to you. When you take the time to get to know yourself and use that knowledge to help others live their lives better, you add value to their lives, that is when the Universe will hear your thoughts about a better life and add value to your life, too. You see, you get everything you think about, whether you want it or not. So choose your thoughts wisely and only hang on to those that serve your cause.
  4. Make a decision and make it RIGHT. Put in the hard work and keep at it. Don't worry about the HOW. You will figure it out as you go since you have the WHOLE UNIVERSE helping you. Shortcuts and half-baked plans will emerge every now and then but don't get lured into those traps too often. Take every lesson you learn as a GOOD LESSON and keep at it. Live your dream and ACT AS IF you already were at the top of your game!
  5. Keep your mind in the game. Prepare for your game, test the product before launch, learn the script, wash the dog, bake the pizza before you serve it... whatever it is that you do, do it well and LOVE the journey. I know it's hard. I still make mistakes as I go and I'm grateful for them for I learn all the time and I get better and better... even when I thought I was ready, I'm not.
  6. You can not FAIL but you will fxck up a lot. Like I said: “I know it's hard...” and we all make mistakes, or so it seems. The bigger the mistake the bigger the lesson learned. Even if you have to start over from the beginning, it will be so much easier to get back to where you were since you already know HOW IT FEELS to be there. If you only fail in little ways and always ride the baby train in the fun park you'll never make it to the big league, you'll never marry the prom queen or score the winning goal... your life will always be “nice that you showed up.” So take risks and try new things! Learn everything you can from the experience and become the Greater You in the process.
  7. You have this one body (for now). So all you are as a physical person is here and now. You're never done learning until you die (the body dies) so keep at it. Keep learning and keep trying things out. New things, weird things, funny things. Have you tried yoga? Or Meditation? Do you know what a hot stone massage is? Give your body experiences and give your mind wonderful memories of the life you have here now. Did you know that as you add more happy memories to your mix of thoughts you actually live a happier life? How simple is that! The really happy people in this world are simply happier than others!
  8. Don't try to do this (or that, or THAT) alone. Surround yourself with people who you care about and who you admire and trust. You are YOU, yes, but pick your team carefully. When a person succeeds, so does everyone else on his/her team. Success is contagious! And that's a good thing.
  9. Choose your words well or shut up. Don't argue, have a banana instead. Don't point fingers and shovel more shit to the propeller. Stay humble, stay open to feedback and LEARN to get along. Often the best advice is to just let others be themselves and then walk away. Don't push on people and try to help those who can't take the help, just yet. We all have our own lives to live and some of us have less left than others. It can be stressful when you find that out or just start to look around at all the others “who seem to get it all for free so easily... lucky bastards!”
    So the big warp up here would be LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS especially the words you tell yourself. Listen to the stories you tell and if your life seems to be a mess or it needs improvement START TELLING BETTER STORIES. Put yourself to bed with the corrected version of the day you had. This could be one of the first steps in learning to live the life of your dreams.

What do you want out of your life? Are health and happiness enough? do you want to travel and experience the whole WORLD? Do you have a deadline? Shere your stories that you love telling yourself in the comment box or drop me a line! I love hearing from you guys! <3

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