Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Manifest your destiny – the nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want

Manifest your destiny – the nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want is a book by Wayne W. Dyer (1997)
These are my short notes from Wayne Dyer's book...
(my book is in Finnish so the notes may be different then the text in the original English book)
I love his literature. I eat it up and ask for more.
He passed away in 2015 – or moved on, or went back home… to me we never die. We just stop focusing on the physical world.
Oh, Wayne :) I listen to his words (on youtube) and read his books every week.
He has had his hands on my soul since the first time I saw him on TV in New Orleans. He literally nailed me to my sofa. I couldn't let go of him. He was this tall, sockless guy on TV and he spoke to my heart! :)
”Start by admitting that you were confused or failed.” Oh, I love this. START simple. START now. START with this: confusion and failure. Check! I've done them all! :D
”When you trust yourself you will not look for the answers to your life's problems outside of yourself...” Oh, yes! The problem and the answer is always within us. That's why so many people can't even understand why we HAVE problems. Here! In the Nordic countries! Problems? Impossible... :D
Let go and let the Universe handle it. You are a part of that Universe. You will handle this and all you need to do is: STOP doing that thing you do that's stopping you from solving this.
”We are all food for the future...” Yep... death is coming and then you'll body will be nothing but food for worms. So why not live NOW!? Have fun and enjoy your life by BEING HAPPY :)
”Release all resistance and you shall have what you (emotionally) desire...”
”Start living like you were already living the way you want to live.” This is so common sense that I need to tattoo it to my head. What do you think is the shortest and easiest path to Happiness in your life? Leave a commment below and let us know.
Don't hate yourself. It will only drop your ability to attract all those things that you want to have (even your happiness). There is no way around it: If you choose a path of resisting love and kindness, you will achieve a path of crap... create your life by caring about how you feel! Choose your thoughts and choose the GOOD feelings first.
You MUST apply the methods of choosing a better feeling thought and being nice to people. You can not achieve good things by only reading about being nice and kind. You must ACT IT OUT NOW.
When you are honest to yourself and you apply your inspiration to be and do good to others you shall gain a feeling of inner peace and that feeling is the manifestation of alignment... your inner being only wishes for this peace and joy for you. With this inner peace you shall also feel self worth. Freedom from fear.
”You make all the choices in your life.” You are the Master. So choose well.
”Unconditional love...” Oh wau. I loved this one. It really moved me and I read every word on those pages twice :)
”You do not love what your enemy did but you love the spirit that is inside the idiot that can't get anything done right...” (Finnish will just not translate easily today)
The perfect life is: coming to clarity about what you want.
At the end of the book Wayne teaches Sound Meditation. It's the method of using Aah and Umm sounds while meditating. I'm not sure if I can find a place in our house where I can test this in the morning and at night... I might sound like a cat in heat if I do it in the sauna?
But like I said earlier:
I listen to his words (on youtube) and read his books every week. Oh gosh.
Wayne Dyer is one of my most loved authors <3
The most important thing to me right now is the FEELING I have right now: I can always choose a better feeling thought :) So by (always) choosing a better feeling thought I can make my day into a forever expanding paradise as I just keep at it... and it’s not even hard. Feeling GOOD is not painful :)
Have you read his books, watched his videos or listened to his audios?
Share your inspirations with me!

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