Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Definition of Leadership

Everything is about influence. You can't help but be a leader when you are in alignment with yourself. You can't help but do a good job when you're aligned to doing a good job. You lead everyday... you just need to notice that the people and animals and dishes and laundry that you handle everyday is all about deliberately reaching for a better feeling thought, a better feeling place and a better feeling day.
Have you ever had an experience where you decided that you WANT TO LEAD and then you somehow lost your alignment, and then you couldn't find your placing or strong footing anymore. It must have felt like the monkeys all got out of the barrel, and you felt like you need to just shoot them?...
What I'm really getting at here is not taking a gun and shooting animals, or even people, but actually stepping back for a while... And actually stepping back BEFORE the "losing of your mojo" happens.
It's the same thing with DOUBT. The best time to get rid of it is BEFORE it gets you!
Now, you might think: "But how can any of this help me since I'm standing here, knees deep in monkeys and you say I should just think my way out of this..."
And I say: "...that is only half the truth."
I want you to realize that in your physical life you are the answer to all the questions you are asking. It is all inside you. You got yourself in the mess you are in (since there is no way anyone else was living in your body while the monkeys got out) and so being YOU are the answer to your problem.
I want you to focus on one thing for now:
Without you getting into trouble there would be no need to get out of it. And if you never learn new things there would be no expansion and there would be no creation.
You are the only person in your life who really needs to learn things and who really learns along the path (you are on). You are also the only person in your life who WANTS to learn and expand and create and LIVE.
Leadership is already within you. You are a person who can BE, DO and HAVE anything she wants and needs. When you know yourself and you can choose the thoughts you want to think, and therefore manifest the feelings you want to feel, and SO CREATE the life you want to live... THEN and ONLY THEN can you be the leader You Want to have in Your Life.
True leadership must come from a being who is in alignment A being who knows that they are an important part of the eternal expansion of our Universe.
Drop me a line and tell me how you feel when you lead.
Is leadership a part of your everyday life?
Do you get inspired when you have a possibility to talk in font of people or lead them in some other way?
I love hearing from you,

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