Thursday, December 10, 2015

She's a bitch

I got invited to have coffee and rice cakes at my old friend's house.
I went.
Kiddo came too and I knew they had a small kid and another on its way.

He greeted me happily at the door and showed me in. I helped kiddo with his clothes and washed his hands in the bathroom. Everything was fine so we walked to the living room....

"Err..mmm... you can't really stay for coffee." he said.
"Well... we are actually hoping to have some sex tonight and the little kid is just about to go to bed." he whispered.
I saw his wife looked at me with anger as she cleaned the kitchen.
"Jassååå..." I felt like an idiot. Why couldn't he say something at the door or fxcking call me before I got in the car and drove all this way?!
The wife came to the living room and sat on the sofa. Her dark (reddish) brown hair looked shiny and perfectly blow dried. Somehow she still looked like a pig in my eyes... She started telling about her day in a way that clearly ment she didn't want me there. Her 8 months pregnant belly got her wheezing and she had to get back up again.
I hated her ladybug tee shirt and baggy old black pants. Fxcking cow. She crawled out of the room and went to her kid. He was running around in the hallway.
I looked at my friend and saw that he was sorry. Sorry about the mess the evening had turned into.
I got up and carried my kid to the door.
I heard the wife hissing to herself:"What the fxck is she still doing here..."

"Good luck with the sex part!" I shouted and slammed the door behind us.


What a crazy dream.

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