Thursday, December 10, 2015

Home workouts

I did delts last night... I meant to work on my back but I got bored. I started with bent over rows and felt stupid after 2 sets (I had to keep really quiet). Then I tried good mornings (3 sets) but it just didn't hit the spot. After pumping my back with low rows (1 set of 100 reps) I moved to playing around with one arm rows on a db and from there I switched to delts. 4 supersets, 360 reps all together. Upright presses, front, back and side raises... uuuhhh... minimum rest between sets. All standing up and in front of a mirror.
(I need to see how my core stays put and how my arms get tired... it helps to come up with ideas on which supporting muscles to work on.)
Abs I did on the floor but kiddo woke up and joined in...

Tonight I took our son to my neighbour for a play date and did some squats at home. I kept the weights minimal. Just 60kg. I did 3 warm up sets and listened to "motivational speeches" again :)
YouTube is so cool!!
First 5 sets of 10 I did wide and slow with the bench (box squats). The next 5 sets I narrowed it here and there, did 12 reps per set and I didn't go as slow but I also didn't sit on the bench for a sec. I just let it touch my hammies and up I went again.
In the last 3 sets I actually let the weights push me down and forward a bit. I got a much better feel in my quads and my knees were still safe. Although it does bring more stress to my back I felt that with the low weights and my pre exhausted legs I kept the workout in the right area :)

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