Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I work at NASA

A nice dream :)
We walked into a fitness club and looked around. It was a round building and it had an open core section so you could see and hear a bit of the different floors with their different sports: crossfit, old school aerobics, power lifting, yoga, bodybuilding etc.
We were going to the top floor: IFB (International Foundation for Bodybuilders)
A woman and a man got in the elevator with us. They were really fit and happy. They asked us if we wanted to try something new.
"Sure... what?" We asked.
"We should get off on floor 8... you'll see then."

I wondered... Floor 8 was just a maintenance floor. It used to be the spa area, but they built a bigger and better spa to the first floor. I especially loved the Finnish saunas and I was going to get a back massage tonight.

The doors opened.
"Welcome to NASA."

Wau!!! It was a fully built and working space station look alike.
We were excited and scared at the same time. Excited to see all of this super clean and expensive computer stuff but scared that they wouldn't let us leave now that we had seen what really goes on on the 8th floor...

I think my dream is telling me to feel free to get off the fxcking lift (just about anywhere) and surprise myself ;)

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