Thursday, December 31, 2015

Next year

Next year... the New year. A new you? A better you? A Greater You...?

Stop fxcking around and make a change.

Don't try to change Everything and everyone. Just you. One small thing about yourself that you Want to change.
Just one small thing.

Then you'll see how easy it is and you can change another thing and another and another. ....

Small steps :)
And don't stop if you get something wrong or if you fail or if nothing happens. Don't stop.
Don't worry.

We all fail.
We don't shout about it.
Sometimes we might cry about it.
But remember : we all get up. We are all loved by someone and we are all equal.


Less than a week left.
Last night I felt fear. I was truly scared to go. I cried a bit. It helped.
Afterwards I felt great. :)
My mind needed to cry out. It needed a hug.
I got my hugs. I felt better.

So I wonder...
If I was not going to travel with kiddo WHO would I hug every day?
A pillow?  :/

Thank goddess kiddo is coming too <3

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