Friday, December 25, 2015

How I failed today

I just looked through a video where I do jump squats, med ball (5kg) jumps, step ups (with 30kg) and some more squats... I did it all. I killed my quads with 3 rounds. Circuit of hell :)
I started the whole shit with a shrug. Not a "hell yeah" shrug but an "oh shit... one more set" shrug.

Sure it didn't look like it mattered BUT now that I look at it later on and I see myself through someone else's eyes... fxcking fxck, I will never do that slobby ass shrug again.

It's not a usual thing in my life (to shrug like that) but I Will keep an eye on me.
No more pussy shrugs and "last set tiredness".

Life's too short to fxck up on a leg day. Life's too short to drag myself down. There are plenty of people out there who will do it for me. ;)
Fxck 'em.

From now on I'll either kill it or go home early.

No time to fxck around.

It's real now.
The whole thing.

No shit.

Just a giant fan hitting me on the head.

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