Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chest and shoulders

I started with a slow and boring warm up... I guess it's better than nothing but I've never been much of a warmer upper... full body stuff and a light sweat. At least I know my skin is ready and my heart has a beat.

...first some machine and cable action followed by bench pressing (3 different grips). On to the Smith machine and incline stuff... I think I followed with some cable front raises with a super set of plate raises... from there it got boring again and I did some flyes and moved on to shoulders... slow side laterals (one arm at a time at first) and faster front+side laterals with looooong sets. To finish my delts off I pumped everything to shit with some drop sets and posing.

Stretching, foam rolling, planking (I suck at it)... it was a Good workout even though it started like a bad one.

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