Friday, December 25, 2015

On the 5th

How to pack a bag (for two) for 3 months...

- 1 rll toilet paper (just in case)
- some small/flat/light toys
- an umbrella (it WILL rain, "it's winter")
- first aid pack (basic meds)
- hygiene bag + nappies
- sleeping bag
- milk powder and porridge
- 2 towels
- paper and pens
- computer
- shorts
- my BIG coffee mug ;)
- ...

--> I'm packing my useless shit (too old or worn out) and wearing that around the house... and I'm also packing all my MOSTLY cool stuff that I will wear around town (sport clothes).
And when it's time to come back to Finland I'll just through the ugly-worn out-shit away and pack the good stuff.

Gosh I hope I won't loose any weight :(
There will be a lot more cardio than I'm used to and I need to do some basic body weight workouts (every day) too...


I'll be killing my legs at the gym tonight.
Volume and long sets, I think... yeah, that sounds good :)

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