Friday, October 30, 2015

I get to do this

I kept thinking this summer that "I have to do this" when I thought about stuff in my life; relationships, food, workouts, naps, writing etc...
But this Wednesday I saw my friend Bruce, we did a shoulder workout at Kuntokeskus K&M in Lahti and talked (during and) after about life 'n' stuff.
He kept his words clear and uninterrupted  (I kept floating off with my imagination and twisted humor) but by the end of the night we came to a critical part in the conversation.
(And a critical mass in my bladder.)

I woke up to the truth. Again.

Life happens.
We can't plan it.
He showed me a door and asked that if I was ever going to fxcking use it, I should do it while I'm still alive and when my talents are still usable (and not waisted away by the winds of oblivion).

So here I am, sitting at home, thinking about putting my pen to paper and getting real with my stack of half baked novels, short stories, movies, drawings and poems.

The first step is to write a motivational letter. It will clear my mind of all the junk and crazy shit that I carry around.
It might even pop out the king story that I will choose to write with passion and joy (discipline).

Edit, edit, edit. That's the hard part.
That's where I need the most time!

That's where the ability to walk through that big door comes to play.

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