Friday, October 9, 2015

Dreams just got real

I don't do box jumps but I did do some last night... I did box jumps with with DLB :) she has been in my dreams a couple of times before. We didn't talk much but she showed me how "things are done in the real world". How the first jump may feel/look like a long way but actually it's nothing when compared to the trip ahead... She told me that I was already alive and healthy and that all I really needed to do was Get Real and Start Running Shit. ;)

I love her for believing in me and in my cocky (business) ideas. She made me feel like I could jump a lot higher if I only wanted to. And I will... I know it will take time and that I have to stay consistent and true to my original plan but first I have to get it in my head that either I piss in the face of all my fears or I let them pull me down and eat me alive...

Later I found myself lying around and hugging with Richard Rawlings (Gas Monkey Garage)...
Gosh my mind has a crush on him: His "take a risk and make it happen" attitude.
I felt butterflies in my stomach and we had a slow, intimate moment just enjoying life as two humans with completely different lifestyles. We just held each other softly and let time flow :)

When's the last time You enjoyed a moment of silence with a loved one?

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