Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another night with Rob and Dana

It was about the size of our Nordic Fitness Expo.
But it wasn't an expo. It was a Warhouse Camp :)
I had made it! A dream come true!

I don't understand how Rob pulled it all off but he sure blew up the bank and half the world when he announced that Flag nor Fail and ALL the other things he runs are going to have a super festival this year.

When the tickets came on sale the web page crashed three times a day for a week. EVERYONE wanted in. And everyone were just normal people. Normal gym goers and their family members :)

The super festival had a clothing&apparel area where you could find anything from hats to gloves, belts to socks, pants to shirts, jackets (!) to rug sacks etc. etc... 
Run everything labs had their supplements out and Speed warehouse did their fast&loud thing outside the venue every 3 hours :)

I wondered around for a while and talked to some of the people there... Just this and that... "How ya doing..." " See anything you like..." ...maybe I worked there?.. or maybe I was just lonely ;)

I was checking out some of the winter coats (I really wanted the pink one with fluffy hair around the tall collar) as I remembered (and heard the loud music) that I was supposed to take part in a massive box jumping/step up class that Dana had arranged for the people who came for a work out :D 
I ran to the next hall/room and made my way to the front. People were already dripping in sweat and huffing and puffing away... Dana looked pumped and glowed on stage as she gave instructions on how to defeat failure and not to give into the fatigue they were all feeling. I could smell the pain in the crowd ;)

Later Rob took me for a fly around (he had a freaking stunt PLANE and he could fly it). He showed me the surroundings and the old mill/brick factory they had bought to keep their mini farm closer to work and to give their crew a new way to chill out --> relaxing with farm animals.. it works! :D

I must say... after talking with Rob again for a few minutes and seeing how he could build an empire out of mud and sand I feel like I'm really fxcking up my life if I don't make changes, take relatively large risks AND set goals that are HONEST and FREEING when I reach them <3 

Thank you Rob.
Sometimes I miss you so much that it hurts.

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