Saturday, August 15, 2015

Skitso killer

I was a sniper. Trained to kill. My rifle had pink and yellow bits to it but I was like a machine with it when we trained. The guys laughed at me when I joined the swat team but now they see me as one of them. Just another lost soul.

The papers had written about a serial killer. A woman with a bipolar mind kept torturing and killing young girls. Her "other mind" was over 160kg, but in real life she weighed about 70kg. This fat side of hers made her wear giant clothes and had a limp. So when we spotted her at the airport we called everyone and woke up the mean dogs.

We followed her behind an old and empty plane hanger. She was known for bashing in her victim's face or scull and leaving her to die in a small hole in the ground. We all hated her. Both of her minds...

I listened to the radio and heard our boss talk as he was watching the killer walk around cleaning the hanger where she (supposedly) did her dirty work.

Boss: "...she walks with the status definitely in her both personalities..."
I'm sure he meant by "status" that her bipolar mind was actually just double negative.

Boss:"...take her out."


I shot her in the head at first but then as she was falling I put another one in her heart. Just to make us all feel better.

We found the last victim. She was dead. Had been for a day now... her forehead was swollen and green pus leaked out of her wounds. We all felt bad for her loss. 


It's days since I saw this dream but it still follows me around.

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