Sunday, August 9, 2015

She stole my idea

Two nights ago I saw Dana Linn Bailey again.
She had stolen my idea for shoes. Anti gravity shoes...
She was testing them out and I felt bad about seeing my idea put all the way to use before I even got it off the table.

She was having a hard time making them work. She kept jumping off her warehouse. The idea was right but they needed more work with the specs that needed to be put in to balance out the "pilot's" errors...

Later in the morning I noticed how pumped and happy I was after seeing that dream :)
I had been copied before my idea was even a working product!
This ment that my idea was a sure winner and I should feel good about it :)
So what if I lost the patent and got nothing out of it. Not even my name in bright lights... so what.
I should celebrate the feeling of being so good that people were rushing to "be me" ;D
Funny dream.

It still works its magic ;)

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