Saturday, August 15, 2015

How to train right

This weekend is just as slow but more productive than usual.
I finally got a lot of my over due writing/updating stuff done.

It's been super warm (about 20C) and sunny :)

One of my workouts got messed up 'cause kiddo woke up too early (our neighbour was shouting instructions as she was getting her kids ready for park) but I finished my last sets with him playing behind me. Every now and then he did come up and push the bar down. I'm not sure why. I'm pretty sure I was lifting it. Not pushing it down ;)

He helps me around a lot. When I shake my shaker, he shakes his milk bottle. (Milk flying...) When I clear weeds in the garden, he pulls all the plants up and tries to eat them...(plants dieing. ..)

I'm trying to find a minimum of moves for THIS MONTH. Next month I'll do something different and never will I train more than 4 times per week and I'll always keep the workouts short and my reps super slow.
I don't go through the whole list. I pick about half of the moves and just concentrate on them :)

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