Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grilling and chilling

I took some time off.
It's summer. Enjoy it.

Kiddo and I went barbecuing and finally saw my cousin :)
Gosh he's grown again.
We have a weight difference of 100kg.

He started lifting again. He says that the pump in his muscles as well as his mass grows quickly but his strength is still "gone". He took some time off last year, did more cardio, lost some weight and did longer sets with smaller weights.

Now his slowly getting back to normal and hitting the BIG WEIGHTS :)

...BIG means weights that need 3 spotters to keep things safe! ;)

He did the best juicy chicken! Well his wife prepped it but he grilled it :)
And the salad had the Biggest grapes I've ever seen!

We have to go again and take a cake with us... :)

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