Saturday, August 15, 2015

Santa from hell

Honestly I watched ONE episode of Dexter and now my dream world is full of killers and maniacs :/


Killer Santa... that's what they all said. I was a prisoner. There were others too... mostly women. The men got all sent away eventually... to a mine of some sort?
It looked more like a witches lair. Dark rooms and small windows. A fireplace in every room. Ogres and angry dwarfs kept doing rounds so we couldn't mess around or plan to escape. I saw 4 white mice in a box... they had not given up :) They stole stuff every day to build a "key". They had a plan but they would not share. Wise mice :) Never trust anyone.

Santa saw the mice carrying a ball of yarn. That was the end.... He told me to cut of their index fingers and to decorate their box like a xmas tree with them. I was in a small state of shock. How could I fake this. I don't want to hurt the mice... and was I supposed to cut of 4 fingers or 8? I though about making little fake fingers out of candle wax.

I still had time and the biggest ogre was sleeping on the cutting table. He had long, blue dreads and a Jamaican style to talk. Me and another woman started braiding his hair. We told him we liked to touch his hair and he fell a sleep. We tied him to the table with his dreads and ripped all the curtains off the windows. The light scared the dwarfs to the mines and when Santa came back we beat him with his own walking stick. His fake beard fell off.

The sun burned the house and the mice and the rest of us stood on a hill and looked as the smoke started to push out of the mines and our men (all were saved) crawled out to the fresh air.

A rescue helicopter hovered over us. The mice gave the pilot a thumbs up. They knew each other :)

Fxcking Santa. Stay away from my dreams :(

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