Sunday, August 9, 2015

If I die today

Kiddo slept for about an hour today (around lunchtime). I got a good workout for my biceps and triceps :)
I had to use a pre - exhaust method but it worked fine!
(Pump yourself silly with the 20kg bar and the finish every set with 5kg or 10kg plates...)

I was hoping to do just a slow and short workout but since kiddo kept sleeping and I had nothing else to do it just felt like the right thing to do: keep working, force yourself to grow. ...

Well I sure got myself totally fxcked up with just an arm workout. ... I'm too tired to do anything more tonight. I just ate and now it's all about playing with kiddo.... thank god he likes Duplos. We can just sit and play for a while :)

About the topic :
I've been listening to motivational speeches on youtube again.
I really do like them :)
It's a good booster when I feel like I don't seem to remember what I want in life ;)

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