Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's a race weekend!

We're at Jurva (Kurikka)... it's a 4,014 km long track out here somewhere half way up lady Finland's butt... :D

It's a a good track! And they have showers and everything for us who live out of our campers this weekend. The nearest town is about 10 km away.


Honey drives #6

a link to Finnish pages:
a link to English pages:

Kiddo sure likes it :) I do too! :D

My top priority is to keep the food on the table and coffee ready... It's a warm weekend. Friday was chilly... frozen-friday almost. The nights have not been too warm but it help to wake up every 3 hours to go to the toilet (it's about 500m away?... it feels like 1km at 3am). The sun gets up around 4am and sets around 11pm so it's not even dark anymore ;)

It's a good weekend!

On the "not so good side":
- all this traveling and sitting and not eating clean is making me bloated
- my ankles, thighs and fingers feel like big, thick sausages again
- I can't drink water as much as I'd like to 'cause the toilet is so frelling FAR AWAY
- I can't get my feet up 'cause we don't have the right kind of chairs or sofas or anything here and I'm NOT going to sit on the grass and freeze my ass off... and the dogs keep doing their "business" right in front of our camper >:O

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