Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow and pizza

It's the last morning... tonight we go.

5 hours and it's bye bye time.

Good bye Finland, hello world :)

I'm doing this for me.
It's all about Me.
It's not selfish, it's not weird.
It's just Me.

This blog might be quiet until I find the next wifi on the other side of that great ocean.
I'll find it.
It takes us about 40h to get there. It will be around 7pm for them and 3 am for us :D
It might hurt a bit :)

And I'll focus on writing about anything and everything.
Hopefully I'll have time for sports too :)

I ate all the pizza and ice-cream I could before we leave.
It won't be like that where we live.

We played in the snow before we left. ...it won't be here when we come back.

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