Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another day with the Baileys

Last night was a weird combo of dreams and coughing (kiddo handled the latter).

As a matter of fact I found out that the people in my dreams are starting to talk to each other. Some of them knew me already 'cause they had been talking to their neighbors. I met this old sea captain who lived in the forest near a swamp that I have to cross now and then. He knew of me already 'cause I had been helping out at his neighbor's house some weeks earlier. That neighbor showed up and the dream got a bit spooky. I was bicycling around with kiddo and when the old guy from the other house showed up the ground froze and it seemed like there was something more to the swamp than just a "place I have to cross sometimes"... the men were really nice to us but the weather got wild. Winter attacked the little valley in seconds and I ran into a car with kiddo. We drove like crazy to the main highways and calmed down.
Winter was everywhere... all the roads were icy and the sky was white. We saw an airport and jumbo jets were taking off one after the other. It wasn't a normal airport. They were using the new sling shot method to help the planes take off with less effort. It was much more like a seesaw. The whole runway would tilt up when the plane was taking off. (It was only used for the big planes.) It made the plane kind of jump into the air. It didn't look safe...

Some of the highways were weird too. Everything was white and beautiful but they were more like the tracks we build with our kids where you have loops and take-off ramps. I passed an old pick up truck that nearly fell off his intersection because it had problems making the jump.

Later on I went shopping for organic eggs. For some reason the hens weren't fed enough nutrients and their eggs kept cracking in my hands before I got to the check out. I saw Rob there. He was buying an old couch. An ugly fxcking couch. I followed him to his warehouse where he said he'll strip the surface and fillings and just use the lumber.
"Lumber... in a couch." I thought.
Dana, Ragz and half their farm was there running around.
There was plenty of wood inside that old couch. I was amazed. The whole dream seemed to vortex around that old couch and what was found inside it.    
Most of the time I just listened to how the people around me spoke and how they kept the discussion flowing and interesting... it's some kind of brain candy for me to listen to people talk and interact. ;)

There was also an incident with Robs pants but I won't go into detail. :D

Gosh. I woke up happy and laughing :D

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