Saturday, January 16, 2016

A perfect day

We get up around 4am... well, actually kiddo gets up, asks for stuff like: he wants to go downstairs, he wants the light on, he wants milk... so I check my watch: 03:57.
It's weird how this keeps happening every day :)
03:57... it must be important. ;)

We go wash up, teeth are important  (kiddo washes mine) and he gets a fresh diaper.
Down stairs I put the light on in the playroom and make coffee. Kiddo gets a small milk and I watch the news on TV.

By 6am it's breakfast time and I've downed two coffees. (Aaaahhhh... that feeling)
I get a lot of work done in the morning :)

Usually we walk around the block and enjoy the morning at 8am.
Unusually kiddo steps into poop and I get it on my hands as I try to help him get up...
We have another breakfast around 9am and I get a short but exhausting workout done around 10am-11am when kiddo sleeps an hour or two.

Shower and lunch later we're ready to go out again so we go for a longer walk and take pictures or check places we're interested in. We always get back before 4pm and eat dinner around 5pm.
Kiddo says nighty-nigh by 6pm and I have another window of "peace" to work. :)
Like I said: a perfect day.

(I actually watched Jepardy! for a brief moment tonight. It was like sitting on a movie set :D stupid.)

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