Monday, January 11, 2016

At home workouts in NOLA

Nothing but rubber bands and sneakers... 

The Riley Center is not far, a 25 min walk. It's a big university gym (Tulane).

 We checked it out and YES I am going next month when I get more help with kiddo and my other stuff :) It's 60 dollars/10 times but you have to be in by 1pm. Easy :)

Meanwhile it's home gym and long walks. It's amazing what a person can do at home WHEN SHE HAS NO OTHER CHOICE :D
I just use slow and long movements to feel the muscles and to both stretch and squeeze them. I'm not looking for a specific rep range but a BURN and the failure in the end.

I was a bit worried about the pistol squat at first but it's actually quite good. Just stretch your calves people!

Some easy moves:
sumo squat with bands (lean back hard)
one legged squats
pistol squats
step ups
side squats
donkey kicks (+ with bands)
"that dog move" :)
lunges & half lunges (stay low and pump it)

I've also worked on my back and shoulders and arms and abs and what ever... Low rows, high rows, one arm moves, push ups, dips etc.
The bands can come from the top or the bottom of the door so I can really work on my biceps and forearms, I can do the same lying on my back, I can keep my back to the door and hit the triceps with a long range of motion or even do some twists for my core (start the lawnmower)...

Don't give up if you're "stuck at home". Make it work <3

I'm sure the food here is hot and super good but so far I'm just keeping up to my old habits.
I did try a pizza one day but I got it from SUBWAY. Hah! Subway sells pizza :D That's so not healthy...

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