Friday, September 25, 2015

She may not know this but...

I got in.
I rarely even understand that I spend time in other people's houses and they don't know it. I just do it.

As I shut the door behind me I smelled it.
Clean air. Clean floors. No dust.
Everything was new and shiny.

I especially loved the white floors :)

Man, she has good taste!

I knew she moved somewhere since her "divorce", but I had no idea that she didn't just get some small flat on the edge of town... She got a fxcking penthouse!
The hallway was wide (it had walk in closets on both sides of it) and it opened up to the dining room/living room and kitchen. Everything was white and black. The kitchen had a round shape to it but no walls to block it from the dining area. It looked like a small Japanese restaurant.

Some of the furniture was really old and rustic but they fitted in to the flat perfectly. I even loved her choice in rugs... Persian :) BIG Persian rugs in earthy colors and not lined up with the walls or other furniture... just thrown on the floor and owning the space around them.

Giant windows gave the most of the light in to the rooms. It was early evening and the sun was still just high enough to paint the sky with red and orange colors. I walked outside to the balcony and looked out to the sea... We were about 3 blocks from the beach and I could see the traffic and hear the music from the streets down below.

The balcony was bare and empty. I guess she has't had time to put chairs out there or then she just doesn't use it much? She could easily fit a bar&grill out there and 2 sitting areas ;)

I went back in. I remembered she had a small, black dog. It must be in here somewhere...

I found 3 bedrooms and one of them had bunk beds in it. A flat faced cat was sleeping on one of them and her black dog on the other. The dog growled at me when I stepped into the room, but the cat just looked at me with zero interest.
"Hmmm... she has a cat. And the cat has 2 beds... just like the dog. Weird..."

I left the room and kept looking around.
The master bathroom (connected to the master bedroom with double wide, champagne colored glass doors) had a wall of windows looking over the town. Hehee, imagine taking a shower and "everyone" can see you do it. Well, at least for a while until the window fogs up.

This lady knows her worth :D

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