Monday, September 14, 2015

How will he remember this

It seems that Finland is flooding with people who aren't supposed to be here. 
People who need a peaceful home to live in... they have lost their homes. Well, some of them are lost all together .. Some of them are just FUCKING AROUND AND GETTING US PISSED OFF!!!

But hey... I have to keep things real. In the years to come, how will my kiddo remember me. Will he remember that I did not take sides. Will he remember that I kept my cool and helped the ones that truly needed it?

Will he trust my judgement, will he remember my choices and help people in the future... will he be a "people helper" or a "people hater"...

How can I make him trust that we do not have to leave our home because of war or other shit. ..

What will I tell him when he asks :)

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