Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fake it or die

They wanted to kill me.
They wanted to see me cry... and then die.

I saw what they did to the girl in front of me.
She got fried like a rat.
I was afraid. Not often do I find myself in this kind of shit (in my nightmares...).

It was my turn.
The alien woman looked at me and smiled. Well... she didn't have lips so I only saw her grin... she looked like something I had seen on Farscape. A tall humanoid with an elongated head and no eyes. Legs like a kangaroo but the top half of a chimp. Skin so white it was transparent and clothed like a domina from a bikini nightmare... black and red leather with more than plenty cut/worn out bondage ropes hanging around her waist and around her neck and wrists...

...she told me to stand by the window. My hands were tied to a radiator and a metal string was handed to me.

A bony, thin alien dressed in tight, black leather underwear talked to me through a mask that seemed to change its voice to a low growl:
"Hang on to that string. Don't let go or we will hurt you more.
When the electricity starts to flow you will first feel a light humming. Then we will zap you. As we learn how much you can handle we will keep adding until it kills you.
So don't let go.
You'll live longer.
It will hurt but the view is beautiful, isn't it?..."

I looked out.
The view was out to the messy and crappy streets of an old European city.
I think I was in Prague again.

I can't let them kill me.
The first humming sensation started. Then I felt the Zap!
"Huhh... not bad."

I noticed that I could reach the curtains. I looked back. No one was looking.
I grabbed the curtains and twisted them around the metal string I was holding. A dry cloth might just give me the time I need to think my way out of this mess...
A new humming. The next zap. I hardly felt it but I jumped a bit to make them think it was working. .. the aliens were already prepping their next victim.

I had no idea how often I would be zapped. Maybe they just liked to look at pain. ...but why did everyone have to die?
"No witnesses." :/

I didn't get a new zap for minutes and I got more and more worried that they had figured out my trick with the curtains. I still hadn't come up with a way to free myself from the radiator.

"Shit... think bitch!" I got SO angry at myself. Here I was. Being tortured and waiting to die like a fxcking lamb with a limp.
I felt adrenaline filling my veins, flowing to my muscles and making my eyes red. I had the pump from hell and my shirt ripped under my arms.
I ripped the fucking radiator out of the wall, threw it at the smaller alien killing it instantly. Then I pulled the metal string out of the wall and shouted to the tall alien woman that I was going to hang her with it. I started running straight at her with NO ideas about HOW the hell I was going to hang that giant with a piece of string.
The girl that was being prepped to get killed after me kicked the alien in the foot and ran off.
That was all I needed. A distraction. I jumped and slid between her legs and got behind her before she had time to react. I swung the rope around her neck and pulled with all my strength.

"Don't let go. You'll live longer..."


I woke up but this nightmare bothered me all day long.

I don't understand it.
Maybe my mind is still going through some of the shit I lived through this summer?

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