Monday, September 7, 2015

Don't save her!!

I haven't ridden a "4 wheel crawler" for a while and it shows. .. my dream threw me back to North Carelia. We were on a safari. I had problems with my steering and I found myself in the gutter more than once.

Riding past a farm we got into trouble. The road was blocked. We used reclining chairs to build a bridge for out ATVs. As the first one of us crossed the whole thing cracked and broke. No more bridge.
The farmer wanted us to stay for the night. They had a big farm. Lots of tools for farming little plants and veggies. They loved their old school style.

It started raining rocks. As big as my fist.
We ran inside a barn and locked the doors. The glass buildings around us shattered and broken glass was everywhere.
A zombie girl shouted outside the barn. I was in there with a woman. She panicked. I told her we were safe but she kept screaming that we must save her friend.
"No, idiot! She's a zombie! She'll hurt us!" I shouted.
But she didn't hear me and she started banging at the doors and she broke a window so the gray and smelly zombie could get in...
"Shit! All I have are these spoons..." I had nothing to use as a weapon. The barn was empty. I went through all the different ways to kill a zombie with just two big spoons and suddenly a small child ran straight at me. I jumped and swung my spoon.
"Oh god, no!" It was my kiddo. He had a cut on his forehead and he was crying. He was ok and Not a zombie but I had hurt him by accident. Poor baby.
I held him close and he stopped crying. The zombie was eating the other woman.

I woke up.

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