Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rest and eat

My meal preps are going fine. I'm very pleased with my new diet. I just have to remind myself daily that this is Not a show prep.
I'm still waiting for next week so I can start with my new work out plans... in a way it's good that I take it easy first and then start hitting it hard ;)
Rest. Rest. Kill everything. Rest.

The only slow things in life have to do with my hormonal balance. The fxcking IUD has to go and I hate waiting around for the postman to bring me the letter I'm supposed to get "any day now".

I know it was my fxcking idea to get this thing stuffed inside me but -fxck!- it's been a joyful thing for a lot of women.
"What could go wrong..."
It's just super bad luck that I can't handle this shit... I must be allergic to female hormones :D

I gotta get it out of me before it "kills me".

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