Tuesday, June 24, 2014


the day started out just fine... +15C, a bit wet and cloudy. I wore some of my winter clothes just to be sure that I don't freeze on my walk...

later the same day we got thunder and hailstorms, the temperature dropped under +10C and there I was, standing in the kitchen, still hoping to catch some rays and sleep in the sun before the boy pops out :)

What a weird year :)

It's gay pride week here on this planet... I've been watching programs about gays and their history every night. It's really interesting. I wonder if our son will be gay or bi or something in the middle? He'll definitely go through the phase in his life when some of his friends experiment and some find a new, better life out side "the norm". 

I must remember to keep telling him that "It gets better" if he feels like he is gay and that the world still wants to kill him...

I can't protect him forever :/

But I know he'll be fine <3

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