Wednesday, June 11, 2014

About my food and some pics

I eat food. I make my own food... cooking I mean, I try to stay away from anything precooked and ready made and all that frozen shit or fast food or what ever you call it...

I have ice-cream when I want it (I seem to want it 3 times a week), and I brought bread back as a gift to my sweet tooth. It's the same as candy to me and since we were in South Africa I've been able to eat ANY kind of bread, even the really dark bread we have here, everywhere.

I'm still sticking to my idea of only eating fruits in the weekend (another candy for my brain), but IF I want a banana after my workout I can have it. :)

I brought all my favorite dairy products back so I'm eating and drinking (per day):
- 100-150g cottage cheese
- 200-400g curd (or "milk pudding")
- 4-5dl milk (in my recovery drink and with coffee --> 0-2 cups per day)
- 2dl yogurt (if I feel like it)
... something like that.

I had a Leg Monday with Samuli Koutajoki at Kuntokeskus K&M
soft like a little elephant :)
12kg of "Boy and accessories" hanging on my body... I wonder if I'll loose ANY of it at the hospital? Maybe some... 

And Why the hell are my boobs still growing?
I'm having a hard time posing my pecs at the gym... 
Number 1: I can't make my chest pop up (from my sternum) like it used to
Number 2: I end up just pushing my boobs together and looking like a pin up girl with wide shoulders

Maybe this "madness" will come to an end after I get my core back?... :D

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