Sunday, June 1, 2014

35 weeks and counting

just under 68kg (162cm)
chest + biceps today...

I did some poses too and noticed that once a week is Not enough... but I had fun :)
I got it on tape and I can laugh at it when I Finally come up with a Real routine and start polishing it for the stage ;)

I'm pretty sure I have the music sorted out already <3
We got some baby stuff again. Second hand = good enough and cheaper :) 
I still forget -sometimes- that I'm carrying another human inside me. The belly IS a good reminder, but sometimes it just disappears from my radar. (In the car, in the store, while sleeping...)
I noticed last night -when Trying to do the Right thing and sleep only on my side- that I stop breathing if I'm on my side. Both sides are "deadly". I just can't do it. There's no point in waking up to gasp for air or to sleep in 15min intervals... just to wake up to an empty scream in my mouth :(

So I'll stay on my back. I'll sleep well and the kiddo won't die from my constant Sleep Apnea or what ever this was. 

This "Apnea thing" has never bothered me before. All the other weeks have been OK. I haven't slept on my side much, but this time when I Forced myself to do so, it got TOO weird. 

No need to endanger the boy by Trying to play by the rules.
I'll do thing My way. The Only way ;)

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