Thursday, June 12, 2014

Come rain or shine

I had a bad hair day.
I took me 2 work outs to let go of the darn "hair issue"... I can't do anything (big) to it right now. Next month, maybe, but not soon.
I'll cut some off. Maybe 5-10cm. I need a Real color. Not this "wet sand"... This sucks.

I'm also looking forward to getting my body back. Just 35min ago I was so hungry that I ate double the amount that I was supposed to eat. And Now I'm thirsty like a camel :)

So... So nothing. I got the next hour for myself. I'll just drink water, enjoy the sofa and watch a short movie or the Mythbusters (it's on tv)...

Aah. I can't wait to get our son here --> I can start documenting his and MY growth to a bigger and better person <3

#1 work out: triceps @ Kunto-Mekka, Kuusankoski with Noora Huhtala -->

#2 work out: quads @ Valkealatalo, Valkeala

It's a rainy day. It's not cold but I like to dress warm when it rains :)

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