Friday, August 5, 2016

The Meaning of Life

It is JOY.

Life is about feeling joy.
My life is about feeling joy and living the way that I will feel joy all the time.

I'm getting there... I am really good at it these days.
I wasn't always. I used to live like "others do"; I believed in old sayings and I thought that being a realist was the norm (and I'm not one). I used to think that there must always be struggling and pain. I used to think that there is a source of evil in the universe that equals the amount of good we see.
I used to think that we are all we are (plus some separate ghost that we call a soul) and that our past and future hold just as much power as Now.
I used to think that there's always something bad on the way if things go well for a long time.
I sed to think like a fxcking idiot.

Life is Joy. My reason for living is Joy.
There is no source of evil. There is only Love and the resistance of love.

Don't resist it. Take it All in. It's all Love ;)

You'll feel it.
And it feels sooooo good.

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