Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Natzies and "dying"

The dream changed me for good...

I've been worried about death these last years. Maybe the last 3-4 years. I'm not worried I'll get it wrong or fxck it up somehow, I'm just having (or WAS having) problems with Feeling OK about "losing and being lost". I miss some people that have made the transfer back to nonphysical. I know they are Perfectly happy and I should be too, but I still cry sometimes and I don't understand Why...
Until I listened to a tape where a woman told me in plain English that my crying is just a sign of "letting go of resistance": My thoughts are not what I feel deep inside me, so to let go of those "lies" (I have lost loved ones and they cannot reach me either) I need more time to shift my belief and more relaxation to allow the real truth to come out.

Like I said : my DREAM, last night, showed me I am ready, now.

It had been a long day and night. We had climbed up the mountain side to the beautiful gray castle, "The Sleeping Bride" it was called... and we were there to blow her up. All the bombs had been prepped and we had the timers in our hands when the Natzies found us in their wine cellar.
20 Natzies. No way out. Just a shit-load of explosives and the two of us holding the key to doom.

It took us but a second to decide:"Yes, we're blowing us all up..." I was there with a man. The best agent in his field. I trusted him. I remember even having warm feelings for him the moment before we died (or was it after...). He was someone who I Enjoyed sharing this end with.
I remember being hunched down behind some wine barrels with an old climbing helmet on. It felt stupid to have a helmet on but we were supposed to climb back down after we had finished our task. I kept my head to the ground and wished for a swift and painless end. As the first waves of pressure and fire blew over us, I had time to push against them with my feet but as I heard my friend say :"I think I'm a bit scared." We were already floating in white light and everything was alright. Everything was perfect. Everything was all Love.
We were home again. We were awake again.
And we were together.
Our energies were pure and Joyful.

The dream never showed me the Natzies that blew up with us but I know everyone comes back to the white light. We do not carry Anything back there. No luggage. No past. Nothing to declare. Nothing to forgive. All is remembered and all is good.

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